Benefits of Verbal Communication Through Premium Numbers

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Benefits of Verbal Communication Through Premium Numbers

on Wednesday, 08 July 2020. Posted in Tips, Industry News

Customer service is a key part of running a business, especially in the modern-day we live in. It is very easy for disgruntled customers to write a bad review or a harsh comment on your social media page which in turn could put off potential customers. With this in mind, it is best to plan the best communication methods possible to keep clients happy and everyone on the same page… So what is the best communication for you and your business?

Why Verbal Communication is Best With Customers/Clients

Picking up the phone and having a conversation has its benefits, although we live in the digital age with pop up chats, social media, email and other forms of communication, occasionally it can be hard to get the point across or the right tone in the message. This is where a good old phone call can be more beneficial. By calling customers or potential clients you could avoid any misunderstandings and create a personal connection quickly.

‘Accenting’ is when your verbal tone indicates the actual meaning of the specific words. Something that cannot be done through text form and can make the difference between winning a customer over and loosing one. Pairing accenting with vague or imprecise language with low intention can make it hard to understand the context and meaning from the sender, leading to confusion and further difficulty in communication, adding to the reasons why verbal communication is better.

On top of Language and wording, when speaking to another person it is more likely you can build a relationship or personal connection through small filler chat e.g. how are you? How is your day going? Personal stories and similarities can soften up customers and help keep them interested in what you have to say/sell.


Other Advantages of Verbal Communication:

-It saves time in communication. 

-It is quick to obtain feedback once delivered.

-It is a more reliable method of communication. Sometimes Email goes to the spam folder.

-It is flexible and effective for all. If they don’t pick up there is the option of voicemail

-It is a powerful means of persuasion and control. You are more likely to win over someone through discussion rather than email 

-It is a simple way of communication and can save money.


Business Contact Number

Another key aspect of client communication is the process e.g. contact details and hardware used to call/receive calls.

For example, someone running their business from home may have to use their personal mobile or landline which could look unprofessional and cost them more in the long run.

There are many combinations possible but what is most important is having the correct contact number for your company to help your company image and your customers get in touch with you, click this link for more information on how to pick your perfect number.


What are Premium Numbers

Premium rate numbers are a sub-set of numbers under ‘non-geographic’ and usually start with the prefixes 0800, 03, 084 and 087. They are called premium-rate numbers because some cost to call, meaning businesses and individuals can earn money from all incoming calls. When a user calls a premium rate phone number they’ll receive a total charge for the call on their telephone or mobile bill, or it’s debited from mobile credit. This can occasionally be the purpose of the number e.g. over the phone therapy/counseling service. These numbers are associated with businesses or large companies because of this.


Why Premium Numbers Benefit Businesses

As discussed before, premium-rate numbers are well known as large companies or services and look more professional than a bog-standard mobile number. In addition, a memorable number will help for repeat communication as it could be recognized and is more likely to be remembered e.g. the old Hastings direct number - 0800 00 1066. It will also help for promotion and advertising to potential customers as they are more likely to remember the number and use it (especially if it is in a catchy jingle). They can also benefit your business if the service you provide is based on phone communication.


Virtual landline provides a full VoIP service including the purchase of a virtual number of your choice and the use of our free VoIP app to manage your company calls with ease.

Find our premium number options here and for more information on what your business will benefit most from, contact us here

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