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The benefits of Voicemail for your business

on Wednesday, 26 June 2019. Posted in Tips, Pro-Features

The benefits of Voicemail for your business

Many businesses shy away from voicemail as a feature of their phone system but voicemail can enhance your customer experience and benefit you. Voicemail can easily be set up and prevent the loss of business from missed calls.

Some businesses have found that voicemail can hinder their business processes with some employees choosing to avoid answering calls and preferring to send calls to their voicemail or deflecting to a reception or other team member, voicemail can disengage sales conversion and can come across as impersonal. However there are key benefits to having voice mail in place. 

Here are some key benefits of voicemail:

  • You don’t need a secretary or receptionist to field calls. Voicemail makes it possible to direct calls straight to a DDI even when an employee is away from their desk in a meeting or at lunch This benefit reduces the need for increasing staff overheads therefore delivering a direct cost saving to the business. Voicemail allows you to deal with all calls effectively without missing out on anything. 
  • Voicemail messages can’t be lost or distorted. Written messages left on top of your desk can be easily lost. Verbal messages can also be distorted leading to miscommunication since they rely on the memory of the 1st recipient. You are guaranteed of receiving the message in the original form which allows for a better response.
  • You can prepare for return calls. Since voicemail allows clients to leave more details about their call, you will be able to prepare for calls prior to returning the voicemail. This benefit is great for calls that require some research/detailed feedback.
  • Most clients prefer leaving voicemail messages. Most customers prefer leaving voicemail messages over verbal or written messages to receptionists or secretaries for personal and confidential reasons. Using voicemail in your business is therefore bound to increase client feedback.
  • Allows clients to leave more details about calls. Voicemail messages can run for minutes to even an hour allowing clients to leave concrete messages covering all aspects of their call. 
  • Voicemail is convenient. Unlike verbal or written messages which have to be retrieved practically from the source i.e. going to your desk and reading a note, voicemail messages can be easily retrieved from anywhere in or out of the office provided you have access to a computer/Smartphone and internet. This benefit is available with business phone systems which have the voicemail to email feature.
  • Clients are never put on hold.There’s nothing as annoying as being put on hold. The inconvenience as well as the cost implication is unacceptable from many clients’ standpoint. Voicemail messages ensure clients aren’t put on hold. If there’s no one to answer calls at any given time for whatever reason, voicemail messages can be left instantly.
  • You don’t need a secretary/receptionist. Voicemail makes it possible to work without a receptionist/secretary. This benefit is great for business owners who aren’t in a position to hire support staff. Voicemail allows you to deal with all calls effectively without missing out on anything. Although you may not be able to pick every single call, you will be in a position to receive all messages and act on them accordingly.

These main reasons why voicemail is good for business are a great reason to get yours set up today. We have a detailed guide of how to set up your Virtual Landline voicemail here or you can speak directly to one of our team on +44 (0) 203 488 0088


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