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Flexible business phone solutions from Virtual Landline

Virtual Landline is easy to set up call-forwarding phone service designed for the communication needs of micro-businesses, busy sole traders, freelancers and working from home professionals.

Business Pro-Features

Business Pro Features

We always have your business in mind, so we developed a professional set of phone functions, making Virtual Landline a more feature-rich phone service. No matter what you choose - Whisper Tone, Auto-Attendant or any of our Office Packs – your brand will certainly gain better and more reputable look. 

Some of the advantages of using the Pro-Features include: informing you of an incoming Virtual Landline call with the help of Whisper Tone, adding a professional ‘Welcome Messages’ with Auto-Attendant, automatic time-of-day routing of the incoming calls, simultaneous ringing, available with the Office Pack bundles, and many more. 

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Business VOIP systems

Business VOIP phone system

Virtual Landline is part of a long tradition in VOIP telephony services, established by our flagship company Buzz Connect - a business phone service provider with more than 20 years of experience in building complex phone solutions for small and medium enterprises. 

That’s why Virtual Landline is more than a simple call forwarding phone system. It's an opportunity to start off with a small phone system and as the business grows, the telephony service can be moved to a more professional and feature-rich VOIP solution, Virtual Landline Office.

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Online Portal

Virtual Landline Online account

By using the online portal you can modify number settings, keep an eye on your remaining inclusive minutes and have full control over your Virtual Landline setup. It provides access to all the features we offer as well as the option to add more virtual numbers, manage your existing ones or change voicemail-to-email settings. 

When you log into 'My Account', you can change payment methods, order a business quality desk phone that works in conjunction with your virtual business number, download the most recent invoices, set up the call diverts and keep an eye on your calls. You’ll be able to top up and add more professional business features like Auto-Attendant, Whisper Tone or any of the Office Packs.

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Call Statistics

Virtual Landline Calls Statistics

You can monitor your Call Statistics via the online portal as well as download the last three months call data in a CSV file. This includes an in-depth log of all your incoming and outgoing calls, the corresponding call durations, the caller identifiers, the total (lifetime) call duration, and so on.

Using the Call Stats feature may help you keep track of the communications with your business contacts and stay on top of your inclusive minutes' balance. We keep all your statistics secure and you can be sure that all your communications will be kept private and secure.

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Business Desk Phones

Business VOIP desk phone

As a well-established telecoms provider, we offer business quality VOIP phones at affordable prices, configured to work with your Virtual Landline number. The phones are available to every Virtual Landline customer and can be easily purchased via the online portal. The configuration and the delivery usually take up to 4 working days.

Currently, you can choose between Buzz S4P or a Cordless Gigaset phone. You can also easily transform your old desk phone into a VOIP phone by using the Buzz Box.

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Virtual Business Numbers

Virtual Numbers

We offer the cheapest virtual business numbers with London prefix (0203, 0207, and 0208) and Local numbers with almost every UK area code you can think of. That aside, we also have a range of national 0330 numbers and 0800 numbers – both are suitable if you want to show that your business operates on a national level.

Once you’ve chosen a particular number, you will have the freedom to keep it throughout your life. You won’t have to change it at all even when you are relocating, travelling abroad, or starting a new business venture. What more can you ask for?

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