Single User

Clear and reliable calls forwarded to your mobile

UK Local or National Phone Numbers

Free app. Keep your existing number. Free £5 call credit

from £4.50 per month

Virtual Office

Flexible, feature-rich business phone plans for multiple users

Multi-user business VoIP. Quality calls. Reliable service

* minimum 2 users

from £9.95 per month

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Single User

Plans to suit everyone

Whether you need a UK local number, national phone number, or anything in between, Virtual Landline offer great-value call plans for single users.

.50 per month inc.VAT
(£3.75 exc. VAT)
.50 per month inc.VAT
(£5.42 exc. VAT)
Pro Unlimited
.95 per month inc.VAT
(£9.12 exc. VAT)
0800 Freephone
.95 per month inc.VAT
(£9.96 exc. VAT)

Multiple Users

A plan to suit every business

Experience the benefits of feature-rich, scalable and easy to set-up business phone systems from Virtual Landline.

Virtual Office
.95 per user per month
exclusive of VAT
  • Cost effective & full of rich features to help improve productivity.
  • A scalable VoIP phone system that grows with your business. Unlimited inbound/outbound calls to any standard UK Landline & mobile numbers
  • Up to 20 users. For more users contact us.

Add Wireless Broadband to your number plan for £20.00 - no line rental

  • 2 year deal £20.00 a month inc VAT
  • 4G router (includes battery backup)
  • 3 Unlimited SIM 4G
  • Choice of call plan (additional cost from either our single user or multi user plans)
  • Port your existing number
  • Mobile app as standard
  • Option to upgrade to handset

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How it works

So how does Virtual Landline work?


Choose a number

Choose from a wide range of local, national and London numbers to keep your business connected. With landline porting, you can even keep your old landline number without paying for BT rental.

If you want to appear bigger and give your business a more professional look, choose one of our 0330 numbers, 0800 numbers or Freephone numbers.

With the Virtual Landline mobile app, UK landline numbers can divert to mobile anywhere in the world, helping you to beat roaming charges.

Choose your virtual number

Choose a number

Choose a device

Our free mobile app means you can take your virtual landline with you, keeping you and your business connected wherever you go.

We offer the latest VoIP phone systems for businesses including cordless handsets, office phones and our desktop VoIP softphone.

So, whether you’re on the go, at home, in your office, or working abroad, Virtual Landline has the perfect solution for you.

Choose your mobile app or VoIP phone

Choose a device

Make and recieve calls

Calls to your virtual number will find you wherever you are in the world via your mobile, landline, VoIP phone or voicemail via email.

You can also make outbound calls and save money on your phone bill with low-cost call rates for both domestic and international calls.

And for anyone calling your Virtual Landline number, they won't notice a difference. They'll think they're dialling any other landline number - it just gets diverted to the phone number you setup at registration.

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Make and recieve calls

Manage your account

Access and update your Virtual Landline account from any device with an internet connection, giving you the freedom to manage your account on the go, from anywhere in the world.

Add pro features, like whisper tone and auto-attendant, separately or in a bundle, to give your business a more professional appearance and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Virtual Landline grows with your business, so you can add or remove users at any time with our flexible 30-day contract.

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Virtual Landline App

Virtual Landline App

Our app is available on both mobile, desktop and tablet devices

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