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What are 0330 Numbers?

0330 numbers are non-geographic phone numbers. This means they are not associated with a particular region or city. 03 numbers are typically used by businesses as a nationwide number rather than a local one. Calling an 0330 number costs the same as calling a standard UK landline with a 01 or 02 prefix.

0330 numbers (also known as 03 numbers or National numberswere introduced in 2007, and have since become an increasingly popular choice for businesses as a cheaper alternative to 0800 numbers (Freephone). 0330 numbers aren’t associated with any location or specific area, that's why many businesses use them to create the impression they operate on a national scale. 

You can easily find and purchase an 03 Number by using the search tool on this page, after selecting the number you can proceed to checkout. 

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Benefits of 0330 Numbers

0330 phone numbers

  • 0330 numbers cost the same to call as any other standard landline number with 01 or 02 area codes
  • 0330 numbers attract more customers from all around the UK 
  • 0330 numbers are cheap and customer-friendly alternative to other national numbers 
  • 0330 numbers offer customer reach beyond the region where your business is based 
  • With 0330 numbers you don't need to update telephone details every time you relocate 

Are 0330 phone numbers free to call?

0330 numbers cost the same amount to call as standard landlines with 01 or 02 area codes. When calling from an inclusive minutes contract, they are generally free to call. This is perhaps the biggest benefit for a business using an 0330 number as a customer service line. 

How much does an 0330 number cost to buy?

At Virtual Landline, 0330 numbers start at just £6.50. You'll even get benefits like a monthly rolling contract, overseas call diverts, £5 welcome call credit and more. Their impact shouldn’t be underestimated, and for such a low price, you could significantly increase your sales. We have a variety of tariffs available, so choose one that best suits you.

With Virtual Landline you’ll be able to choose the perfect 0330 phone number within minutes. The setup is quick and as soon as you activate the number you’ll be able to start making and receiving calls. 0330 numbers can be purchased with any of the available plans, excluding Freephone. Learn more about how 0330 or 0800 numbers can help your business.

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Don't restrict yourself to one location: buy an 0330 number from Virtual Landline today and begin to attract customers from all over the country.

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