IVR Auto-Attendant

Available to new and existing customers

What is IVR auto-attendant?

Have you ever called a business phone number and been answered by an automated greeting followed by a pre-recorded message? That’s an interactive voice response letting a customer and business phone system have a simple conversation that gives people the answers they need.

IVR auto-attendant is a professional ‘Welcome Message’ played to your customers and allowing them to choose from different options. A typical auto-attendant message sounds like “Welcome to 'myCompanyName, please press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts or 3 for Technical Support.”

You can configure up to 3 menu options, but you will need to provide us with the number to which each option must be connected

What are the benefits of IVR auto-attendant?

  • Add an auto-attendant for just £3.30 per month
  • Filter calls into specific departments or options
  • Create a professional image to your business
  • Streamline incoming calls
  • Improve customer service by directing calls to correct departments
  • You can also choose to redirect your calls to voicemail if the call is received out of office hours.

How do I get IVR auto-attendant?

Virtual Landline’s IVR auto-attendant is available as a Pro feature for an additional £3.30/month and a £20 one off set up fee. Simply select the auto attendant or Office pro pack pro feature when you set up your registration. Our IVR auto-attendant requires you to contact customers services to setup this feature to your own personal specifications.

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