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029 Numbers

Cardiff Phone Numbers explained

The 029 number code is where you can find the capital of Wales, Cardiff. When looking to contact a person or business based in Cardiff, you will typically have to use a phone number that starts with the numbers 029.

029 numbers explained

The 029 area code is associated with Cardiff phone numbers. 029 numbers are a type of local number which represent Cardiff and its surrounding areas.

Why should I buy a Cardiff phone number?

Local numbers are easy to remember, and give the impression that a business has a local presence in the associated area. These factors make them one of the most popular types of numbers to call, which means you’re missing out on potential customers if you don’t have one. Businesses with a Cardiff number are more likely to increase their number of incoming calls from the Welsh capital.

With a Cardiff number, you’ll gain access to a new customer base in a city of hundreds of thousands. The city’s untapped potential can elevate your business to another level in terms of both revenue and reputation. Perceptions of your business will improve in the area, leading more people to contact you. It’s highly likely that your sales will increase as a result.

In the past, it was necessary to rent an office in a city in order to build a customer base there. This is no longer the case; with a Cardiff number from Virtual Landline, you can expand your presence in the Welsh city from anywhere in the world. There’s a wealth of benefits of using local numbers, such as the ability to easily divert calls to mobiles or landlines.

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Where does the 029 area code include?

The 029 area code covers areas in and around Cardiff. This includes Bedwas, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Cardiff Bay, Culverhouse Cross, Dinas Powys, Llandaff, Llanedeyrn, Llanishen, Llanrumney, Penarth, Pentyrch, Radyr, Roath, Senghenydd, Sully, Taffs Well, Whitchurch and more.

An 029 number is your key to unlocking a new market. You may already have a customer base in Cardiff, or you may simply be looking for new customers. Whatever the case, a Cardiff phone number is a reliable way to boost calls. Examples of Cardiff based businesses include Green-Eco, Peacocks, Admiral, Inexus, and many others

Benefits of using a Cardiff phone number

Using a Cardiff number will bring multiple benefits to your business. Since you'll appear as a Cardiff-based company, you are more likely to generate Cardiff-based leads. You'll be able to do this without renting an office in the city, which will save you plenty of time and money. If you are looking to improve your perception among the locals, it can help with this too. 

How much does a Cardiff number cost?

Get a Cardiff phone number for just £3.95 per month. The deal comes with various benefits, such as overseas call diverts and £5 welcome credit. Browse our tariffs to find a deal that suits you.

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If you are on the hunt for a ‘Golden Number’ (number with a special digit combination), you can get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find the best number for your business.

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