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Prestige Chauffeurs of Cambridge 

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Chauffeur Company deploys flexible call diversion services to attract local customers


Prestige Chauffeurs

Prestige Chauffeurs of Cambridge provides a 24/7 business class chauffeur driven car service for corporate and private clients. 

The company offers highly competitive rates, comfortable and presentable cars, driven by experienced drivers with fully licenced vehicles

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The Problem

Having previously operated a mobile-only business, Prestige Chauffeurs realised that they might need a local landline number to further ensure their business appears reliable and local. Also, as a small team, there wasn't always someone in the office to answer the calls and they thought the business might benefit from a local landline number. However, getting a fixed line was an expensive solution that didn't meet the need of redirecting the incoming calls to the drivers' mobiles.  

Our Solution

Iain and his team decided to choose a virtual number with a Cambridge area dial code so they can market the business locally, positioning the business as a significantly more mature and professional than using a mobile number. Today Prestige Chauffeurs take full advantage of their virtual phone number. They can respond to customer enquiries quickly by diverting the calls to their mobiles at no extra charge. In case one of the drivers can't pick up, the call will be redirected to the next driver's mobile.   

“With Virtual Landline everything is taken care of, even down to details such as voicemails coming through as MP3 files to your mobile. It is the little touches like this that make enquiries easy to pick up and respond to. For us, choosing Virtual Landline was definitely a smart business move."

Iain Mullan, Managing Director, Prestige Chauffeurs

Virtual Landline - Prestige Chauffeurs Case Study

The Outcome

Since moving from mobile-only to a Virtual Landline the day-to-day running of the business has become a lot easier. Iain and his team can market the business locally and take advantage of the greater flexibility the service provides. When he's out of the office and cannot answer his mobile, Iain can easily divert the call to one of his colleagues, meaning the business never misses out on a potential lead. As you can imagine, this is paramount for any size businesses. 

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