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What are 0800 numbers?

0800 numbers (also known as Freephone numbers) are UK non-geographic phone numbers that are free to call. Instead of billing the caller, the recipient covers the cost of the call. 

Why should I get an 0800 number?

Using a 0800 number is a great way to increase your sales leads by giving your customers the opportunity to call you for free on a dedicated phone line. 

Free phone calls are popular with customers and potential customers, so 0800 numbers are perfect for businesses. Whether you're a startup, a small to medium business or an established name, an 0800 number is likely to increase your volume of incoming calls. This is a simple method to boost sales leads.

Furthermore, 0800 numbers look familiar and trustworthy. They’ll improve your business’s credibility and give the impression that it has a national presence. This blog explains how 0330 or 0800 numbers can help your business.

How much does it cost to have an 0800 number?

With an 0800 number from Virtual Landline, you can effortlessly double your daily business enquiries and boost your company’s reputation for just £9.95 per month. This includes 300 minutes to any combination of UK and World destinations, call diverts to mobile or landline and several other benefits. 

0800 numbers free to call from any standard UK landline and mobile, making them one of the most preferred numbers to dial. For such a small fee, they can generate impressive returns for enterprises of all sizes. We have a range of other tariffs available. And if it’s a memorable number you’re after, please get in touch - we’ll help you find one that suits your needs.


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5 Reasons to get an 0800 number:

0800 numbers

  • 41% of the public prefer to call a 0800 number as they know it won't cost them anything.
  • They can boost your volume of business leads.
  • They make your company look more trustworthy and reputable, meaning potential customers are more likely to contact you.
  • An 0800 number suggests that your business operates nationwide.
  • They’re versatile, and function as a single point of contact across various media platforms.

How to get an 0800 number

In minutes, you’ll be able to choose your perfect 0800 number with Virtual Landline. It’s easy to set up, and you’ll be able to receive calls as soon as the number is activated. The 300-minute plan is broken down into 150 minutes inbound to the 0800 number and 150 minutes outbound to the diverted call. The monthly fee is just £9.95 if your call activity is within the agreed minutes.

Buy an 0800 number today to increase sales leads and divert calls to mobile wherever you are.

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Memorable numbers are also known as Golden numbers’; contact us today and we’ll help find one for your business.

0800 phone numbers

0800 Numbers

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