Why choose Virtual Landline?

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Why should you choose Virtual Landline?

Virtual Landline is a cloud-based UK (01/02/033/0800) telephone number that allows you to decide where to answer your incoming calls:

We offer local, national or freephone numbers so if you are looking for a landline number for the town you live in or our more popular 0207/0208/0203 and 0330 numbers we have a wide range to select from. 

Our Virtual Landline app is quick and simple to install

Virtual Landline's app is a popular tool that thousands of customers download. It can be downloaded onto an android or iPhone or alternatively can be a softphone on your MAC or PC. It downloads quickly via one of the links on our App installation and Setup page and can be receiving calls within minutes.  

Virtual Landline also allows you to make outbound calls on the same account using our free app, at low cost, whilst sending out the same caller ID.

You can port an existing number

Porting means that your existing fixed/virtual line (01/02) will be switched to a Virtual Landline. Porting requires your existing provider to release the number and pass its hosting to us. We can also port 03 and 0800 numbers.

Many people and businesses are now choosing to port their established numbers away from fixed landline contracts due to cost and lack of transportability. In today's environment where home working and office moves are a more frequent occurrence having a Virtual Landline is becoming more popular. All you need is to either install the app on a selected device or simply unplug the VoIP desk phone from say your office and plug into a router at home, in a hotel room or even in an outbuilding in your garden. 

 This makes Virtual Landline ideal for small businesses or start-ups that want to advertise a local number for business cards or websites or anyone that wants a UK landline number without being tied to a physical address. Virtual Landline is perfect if you are moving house and want to keep your old number.

Low Cost and No Fixed Contract

Starting at only £3.95 per month, you get a new phone line that gives you all the flexibility you need at half the cost of a new BT line. There is even a free voicemail to email service to ensure you never miss a call. Single users are billed monthly so can cancel at any time which also makes Virtual Landline ideal for one off marketing projects or promotions where you want a number associated but don't want a fixed contract which lasts longer then the project. 

*Does not apply to multi user.


You can select and build a VoIP package that fits your needs. We have a choice of 5 different plans to build a fully functional VoIP system for your home or business.


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