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Blog | Virtual Landline

Blog | Virtual Landline

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What is VoIP?

on Thursday, 06 July 2023.

VoIP is a type of phone system that can connect phone calls using an internet connection, rather than a traditional telephone system. VoIP phone systems are a great alternative to the old-school way of receiving phone calls, that would typically come with expensive monthly subscriptions and yearly upkeep. 

VoIP systems can be used out and about, as well as in the home, and only require a 3G/4G/5G connection.

The Benefits of a Virtual Call Centre

on Wednesday, 25 October 2023. Posted in Tips

Virtual call centres are a great solution for improving customer satisfaction in your business, providing customers with a human element they can interact with to resolve any issues, problems, or comments they may have regarding your business.

Is it Illegal to record a conversation over the phone?

on Friday, 13 October 2023. Posted in Tips


The legality around recording phone calls hasn't always been clear, with many businesses making you aware if your impending call will be recorded, but what about when you're wanting to record a call from a doctor or a business? Read this guide to learn about the ins and outs of phone recording.

Do Phone Calls Improve Customer Satisfaction?

on Friday, 13 October 2023.


With the advancement of technology in the modern age, the way people interact with businesses has naturally changed. With the progression of social media, it has never been easier to communicate with brands or companies, with many businesses giving consumers a direct channel into their direct messages. 

Even with all this change, people still prefer the tried and tested ways of communication, the phone call. According to Loyalty360, 62% of people still say that a phone call with a business representative is their preferred way of communication.  

In this article, we will dive into the reasons why people still prefer the telephone and the benefits for both the caller and the business.


Does My Business Need a Contact Centre or a Call Centre?

on Wednesday, 27 September 2023.

In the ever-evolving world of customer service, businesses often find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to establishing a dedicated customer communication hub, with the primary options being contact centres and call centres. As a business owner or manager, it's crucial to understand the differences between these services and determine which one aligns better with your specific needs. 

When Will Landlines Be Phased Out?

on Thursday, 07 September 2023. Posted in Tips

The way that standard landline phones are being used is changing. In 2025, the UK has plans to turn off current landlines and replace them with virtual phones, so what does all this mean? Read to find out more.

What are 0300 Numbers?

on Thursday, 15 June 2023. Posted in Tips

0300 numbers are a type of non-geographic phone number that was first introduced by Ofcom in 2007 throughout the UK, and are typically reserved for non-profit organisations, charities, and public support services. These types of numbers generally incur a cost to call, as the revenue generated from communication charges is used to cover expenses such as operator salaries and other related overheads.
There are a number of benefits to assigning 0300 numbers to charitable organisations, which we will discuss below.

We asked ChatGPT what are the top 5 reasons to buy from Virtual Landline?

on Thursday, 08 June 2023. Posted in Tips

Virtual Landline offers several advantages that make it a compelling option for businesses and individuals. Here are the top five reasons to consider buying from Virtual Landline:

Advantages of VoIP for Fibre broadband

on Tuesday, 18 April 2023. Posted in Tips

As the world continues to get more connected, VoIP solutions for fibre broadband are quickly becoming the way to go for any business that wants high-quality voice communications. A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service enables users to make phone calls over the internet, improving the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of their communication systems.

The Surprising Savings of VoIP

on Wednesday, 14 December 2022. Posted in Tips

The Surprising Savings of VoIP

One of the benefits of using VoIP services to replace your home or business’s standard phone service with a service over the internet is how cheap it can be. While you may believe that VoIP can only be less expensive than your current provider if you’re on one of the basic, low-cost plans, this isn’t true at all.

What is a Virtual Phone Number & How Do They Work?

on Wednesday, 26 January 2022. Posted in Industry News

What is a Virtual Phone Number & How Do They Work?

A complete guide to virtual phone numbers. Learn what they are, how they work, how to use them, and how they can help you.

Lockdown2: Do you need to get a Business phone number?

on Friday, 06 November 2020. Posted in Tips

Lockdown2: Do you need to get a Business phone number?

As of 5th November the UK went into the second lockdown due to Covid-19. Has this impacted you further or have you decided to restructure your business plan?

Private Numbers: What They Mean for your Business

on Friday, 24 July 2020. Posted in Tips, Pro-Features

Private Numbers: What They Mean for your Business

A private number is when a caller intentionally blocks their number from showing on caller ID. They're used to hide the identity of callers, and they can appear on your phone as ‘Private Caller’, ‘Restricted’, ‘Blocked’, 'No Caller ID', or other similar variations.

BT price increase: How this will effect customers?

on Friday, 17 July 2020. Posted in Industry News

BT price increase: How this will effect customers?

It has recently been announced that the popular telecommunications provider BT that serves around 18 million users in the UK, is moving a portion of those customers on to their new ‘Unlimited Minutes plan’ in a bid to make ‘things more simple and easy to understand’. In doing so, your BT bill could rise by about £5 per month. The increase alone is almost as much as you pay for a Virtual Landline basic package which includes your telephone number rental, unlimited inbound minutes (to UK landline and mobile) and a £5 welcome call credit bonus.

Step by Step - How to Download and Use the App

on Thursday, 21 May 2020. Posted in Using Our App, Tips, Pro-Features

Step by Step - How to Download and Use the App

Virtual Landline is a Mobile VoIP solution from Buzz Networks that allows you to make high quality business and personal calls from your smartphone or tablet using a 3G/4G data connection or GSM network (depending on provider).

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  • "I used to carry two mobiles around, one for work and one for personal use, thanks to Virtual Landline I now only need one, and have saved money."

    Virtual Landline Review Gary

    Gary Jones, Dentfix Mobile Vehicle Repairs

  • "I can now make really great value calls from my mobile using the app on 4G which is ideal for phoning home to India when I’m on the move."

    Virtual Landline Reviews Vijay


  • "Just moved house from Sheffield to Kent, kept my old Sheffield number by turning it into a Virtual Landline so all our friends can still keep in touch."

    Virtual Landline Reviews John

    John Stonehouse

  • "I bought a Virtual Landline for my mum in Poland, so she has a Colchester phone number! I can now call her from my mobile using my free minutes"

    Virtual Landline Reviews Ola


  • "We needed a temporary phone number for a project, Virtual Landline was perfect... we plan to buy more."

    Virtual Landline Reviews Oscar

    Oscar Jackson, THP Architects

  • "I set up a Virtual Landline for my parents who have moved to Spain, now we can call them for the cost of a local call and so can all their old friends."

    Virtual Landline Reviews Louisa

    Louisa McCarthy

  • "I'm an airline stewardess, and Virtual Landline saves me a fortune. All I need is Wi-Fi anywhere in the world, and I can phone home for a penny a minute, and my friends can phone me back as if I was in the UK... Amazing"

    Virtual Landline Reviews Chloe

    Chloe Forbes

  • "I started my new business working from home and needed a dedicated number, Virtual Landline was an ideal and cheap solution. Also... if my business grows, I can take the number with me.

    Virtual Landlin Reviews Abigail

    Abigail Goddard, Lux Interiors

  • "We use a VOIP phone instead of the free app and really can't tell the difference between our Virtual Landline and a real one, except the cost! When we're out the calls are sent to my mobile, and no one knows. Marvellous!"

    Virtual Landline Reviews Ron and Carol Smyth

    Ron and Carol Smyth

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