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0330 Virtual Numbers

0330 virtual numbers

Virtual Landline offers a wide choice of 0330 virtual numbers, available with any of our plans. Find a tariff that best suits you.

As National Numbers, 0330 numbers are classified as non-geographic numbers. They are used by businesses and other organisations aiming to reach potential customers throughout the UK. Calling a 0300 number costs the same as calling a standard UK landline - whether it’s dialled from a mobile or a landline. This makes it easier and more affordable for customers to call you from anywhere in the UK. 

The main benefit of using 0330 numbers is that you won’t have to pay any additional costs as long as you stay within the inclusive minutes covered by your plan (for UK Unlimited and Basic plans you get unlimited calling credit, but please check our Fair Usage policy before purchase).

National Numbers prove to be a cheaper alternative to Freephone numbers. Freephone numbers are also considered non-geographic numbers - free to dial from standard UK landlines and mobiles.  

0800 Virtual Numbers

0800 virtual numbers

0800 numbers - also known as Freephone numbers - are classed as non-geographic numbers, and can be dialled from any standard landline or mobile number for free.

Our 0800 numbers are some of the cheapest on the market - available at just £11.95 per month. Each month subscribers receive a credit for inclusive minutes equivalent of *300 terminated minutes at blended rate of 4.00p per minute delivered to either landline or mobile. Once the credit has been used, subscribers will need to add top-up credit to continue using the service. Calls to numbers outside these prefixes at any time will be deducted from the top-up credit. For details of these rates use the Rate Finder on this page. Unused top-up will carry forward each month.  

0800 numbers are a perfect solution for companies that want to provide free calling alternatives to their customers. Many businesses use 0800 numbers to boost business leads opportunities or offer a free phone line for customer service support.

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