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Give your business a London presence with a 0208 number. We offer a great selection of 0208 phone numbers that are available to both business and personal use customers.

With Virtual Landline, you don't need a fixed landline so having a presence in London couldn't be easier or cheaper.

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Why choose a 0208 number?

0208 numbers

0208 numbers are widely used in the outer areas of London, though many large businesses in the centre of our capital also use 0208 pre-fixed numbers. As one of the top most influential cities in the world, giving your business a London presence adds credibility and recognition, giving your business a competitive advantage. Our 0208 phone numbers can be used from anywhere in the world, so if you don’t want to be in the centre of the cities hustle and bustle, you can work from quieter locations anywhere in the world while maintaining a professional presence in London.

With a 0208 number from Virtual Landline, you can benefit from low overhead costs, without the need for a city-based office or fixed landline contracts. If you decide to relocate or want to work abroad, it’s easy to do so with our call forwarding service using your virtual phone number.


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0208 numbers

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