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What is a Virtual Receptionist Service?

Virtual receptionists function like traditional receptionists; the difference is that virtual office receptionists are outsourced providers who answer your company's incoming calls. Their responsibilities include directing callers, providing information and dealing with inquiries, among other things. The service gives the impression that the receptionist is employed by your company, and callers won't know that the person they're speaking to isn't an in-house employee. You're likely to be assigned one or more receptionists who know your business well, providing an excellent and knowledgeable service.

Often we get asked if we offer a Virtual Phone Receptionist feature as part of our packages. Unfortunately, we don't (yet), but recently we partnered with Message Direct, a professional call handling service that helps businesses to manage their incoming calls.

Message Direct is one of the best telephone answering services in the South West, providing call handling support for startups, small and medium businesses as well as emergency response situations.

What they do? 

Message Direct can handle all incoming calls from your Virtual Landline as if they are answered by a professional receptionist. When a potential customer calls your Virtual Landline number, they will quickly answer with your company name and relay the message or forward the call on to you, depending on preference.

They offer a range of call answering and telephone answering services with flexible packages to ensure that you receive precisely the level of coverage you are looking for. 

How Does a Virtual Receptionist Work?

Virtual receptionist services give callers various options to choose from, directing their call to the right department. It's quick and easy, improving customer experience and ensuring callers get through to the right person. It doesn't just save time for your customers, but for your business too.

Is Message Direct right for my business? 

Message Direct is a good solution for businesses that cannot afford to employ a full-time receptionist or personal answering assistant and the Virtual Phone Receptionist services they offer would work perfectly with your Virtual Landline. 

Benefits of a virtual office receptionist

  • It'll improve customer service - an essential element of every business.
  • It costs a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house receptionist.
  • Boost productivity and organisation.
  • You’ll free up time to complete other tasks and will be less distracted.
  • You won’t miss any important calls and will be able to capture every opportunity.
  • Get a 24/7 service.
  • Direct users to the relevant department, improving customer experience.
  • Tailor your call routing to align with your working hours.

How much does a virtual phone answering service cost?

At Message Direct, virtual phone answering service plans start at just £0.64 per day; find a plan that suits you.

Virtual Phone Receptionist Features


One of the first companies in the UK to offer live receptionist services. Round the clock coverage seven days a week to ensure no calls are missed.

Emergency Response

24 hour emergency response service is ideal to make sure no calls are missed when your business requires out of hours cover.

Message Taking

Specialising in offering a dedicated message taking service for our clients. Professionally taking messages and relaying them back to your designated point of contact.

Overflow Call Handling

The overflow call handling service has been specifically designed to help your business manage calls at extremely busy periods.

Outbound Services

We can assist your business with outbound marketing services – enabling your marketing to become more effective.

Holiday & Temporary Cover

Our holiday and temporary telephone cover service will ensure that whenever you are away from your phone during the course of the normal working day.

Visit Message Direct website to learn more or give them a Buzz on 01202 653001

We offer a variety of virtual phone numbers at affordable prices. Our app is easy to use, we offer packages to suit various types of businesses and we have years of experience in the field. Learn more about why to choose Virtual Landline for virtual phone numbers; read our case studies for real-life success stories and get in touch for more information.

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