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Make your phone number stand out with a memorable number from Virtual Landline. 

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What is a memorable number?

A memorable telephone number - also known as a golden, special or vanity number - is memorable because of repeating digits, an easily remembered sequence or some significance to the digits for that company. A perfect example of a memorable number would be Hastings Directs’ number 0800 00 10 66. Through owning the right memorable number and a simple jingle, a generation of potential customers has grown up singing Hastings Directs’ number on a daily basis.

Put simply, a memorable number is a phone number that people will find easy to remember either due to the format or the marketing that accompanies it.

Some examples of memorable number types to choose are:

  • Repeated numbers – 0800 22 22 22
  • Repeated numbers – 01202 555555
  • Mirrored numbers – 0330 247 247
  • Sequential numbers - 01892 345678
  • Repeated prefix numbers – 01458 458458
  • Palindrome numbers – 01202 123321

Why should I buy a memorable number?

A memorable business phone number can be worth its weight in gold when used in conjunction with the right marketing. In today’s world you can use a memorable number to advertise on a website, social media, tv, radio, on a sign or on simple business cards. By using a phone number that’s easy to remember it greatly increases the chances that your target audience will remember you and increase the volume of calls.

Brand awareness can increase your public profile and maintain customer retention so by using a memorable phone number you will increase the chances of successful brand engagement, generate more calls and drive sales.

Get a memorable number from Virtual Landline

Here at Virtual Landline, we provide memorable numbers in many different styles to suit different business needs. If you can't find a number in our normal range of numbers available on our site then contact our Customer Services Team, who can let you know what we have available. Memorable numbers are in high demand therefore there is an additional cost to purchase one. 

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*Memorable/Golden Numbers If you choose to cancel your subscription or your subscription expires due to a failed payment, your number will be held for a period of 6 months for you. If the account is not reactivated or the number is not ported away within 6 months, the number will revert back to the property of Buzz Networks. Buzz Networks does not allow 0207 and 0208 numbers to be ported. Any number with either of these prefixes remains the property of Buzz Networks and it is not portable of transferable (unless ported into us by you in the first instance).


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