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Local fitness business chooses Virtual Landline to convey more professional image

chameleon fitnessChameleon Fitness is a local nutrition and lifestyle business, based in Wiltshire.
Chameleon Fitness's experienced personal trainers provide knowledge, skills, and psychological support to enable people to completely transform body and mind. Through the fundamental pillars of nutrition, exercise and motivational coaching & mentoring, the staff at Chameleon Fitness are dedicated to helping you become the change you want to see in yourself.

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The Problem

The company needed a business phone number that conveys professionalism and isn't limited to a fixed office location. Charles Major didn't want his mobile number to be advertised on websites or social media because he wanted to separate his personal from business calls. He knew that as a small business, it’s hard sometimes to overcome the stigma associated with having a small staff-base. So, they needed a virtual phone number to ensure that calls always get answered professionally and efficiently, without showing that the company has a small team. 

Our Solution

It was evident that Virtual Landline offered the best value for money and the best quality of service. Charles needed a slightly more complex version of the service as he wanted to be able to delay the voicemail on his mobile from responding immediately after the call had been diverted. The team at Virtual Landline took the time to walk him through the setup process by step and now Charles is receiving his voicemail messages straight to his email inbox.

"Our customer service has improved exponentially since we started using Virtual Landline. Some weeks, for example, we can be out of the studio every day, meeting clients and securing new business."

Charles Major, Owner, Chameleon Fitness

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The Outcome

The main benefit for Charles is the peace of mind Virtual Landline has given him. Now he knows that he can put the Virtual Landline number on any piece of direct marketing, advertising, or social media campaign and people will immediately know that Chameleon Fitness is a professional company – simply quoting a mobile number conveys a very different image. Charles has already recommended Virtual Landline to many other businesses within his network, and he'll continue to do so.

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