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What is a Freephone number?

Freephone numbers (also known as 0800 numbers) are free to call from any standard UK landline and mobile, making them one of the most preferred numbers to dial.

Rather than billing the caller, Freephone numbers are charged on incoming calls. They are ideal for startups, small and micro-businesses, as well as companies with a high volume of customer support calls. Using a Freephone number is a great way to encourage sales leads to your business or provide good customer service support by allowing your customers to call you for free.

There are lots of benefits of using Freephone numbers. They encourage sales leads to your business and allow customers to ring you for free - improving your customer service. 

With a Freephone number from Virtual Landline, you can double your daily business enquiries and boost your profits elegantly and effortlessly.

If you’re looking for a memorable number, contact us today, and we’ll help you find what you want. Learn more about memorable numbers.

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How will a Freephone Number Benefit your Business? 

Freephone numbers

  • 41% of the public prefer to call a Freephone number.
  • Freephone Numbers can increase the volume of business leads.
  • Your company will have more reputable and trustworthy look by using a Freephone as point of contact .
  • Freephone Numbers create the impression that your business has a national presence.
  • Freephone numbers can be used across different media platforms.

Read this blog to discover more ways that 0800 numbers will help your business.

How do I get a Freephone number?

With Virtual Landline you’ll be able to choose the perfect Freephone Number within minutes. The setup is quick and easy, allowing you to start receiving calls straight after activating your 0800 number.

The plan includes includes 300 terminated minutes at blended rate of 4.00p per minute delivered to either landline or mobile. As long as the call activity is within the 300 minutes, you won’t have to pay anything extra than the monthly rolling fee of £11.95.

More virtual numbers we offer:

If you are on the hunt for a ‘Golden Number’ (numbers with a special digit combination), get in touch with us. We’ll help you find the best number for your business.

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