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What is a National Number?

A National Number is a non-geographic number that costs the same as calling a standard 01 or 02 landline phone number. Virtual Landline offers a selection of 0330 national numbers that can be purchased with any monthly plan (Freephone excluded).  

National phone numbers have become an increasingly popular choice for businesses as a cheaper alternative to 0800 numbers. National Numbers aren’t associated with any location or specific area, allowing many businesses to create the impression they operate on a national level. 

You can easily find a National Number by using the search tool on this page, after selecting the number you'll be redirected to checkout. 

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Benefits of using a National Number

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  • The calls made to a National Number cost the same as to any other standard landline number (01 or 02 area codes)
  • Customers from all around the UK can call you without spending too much money
  • A customer-friendly alternative to Freephone numbers 
  • Using a National Number offers customer reach beyond the region where your business is based

With Virtual Landline you’ll be able to choose the perfect number within minutes. The setup is quick and as soon as you activate the number you’ll be able to start making and receiving calls. National Numbers can be purchased with any of the plans we offer, excluding Freephone.

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If you are on the hunt for a ‘Golden Number’ (number with a special digit combination), you can get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find the best number for your business.

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