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Virtual Landline App

The main function of the app is to give you the flexibility of making calls when you are out and about that will show your virtual number as caller ID. It’s completely free of charge to install and easy to set up. It allows both VoIP and GSM calls* to be made ensuring constant connectivity and quality. The desktop app has a host of features and is available for PC and Mac.

All you need is a strong and reliable wi-fi or 3G/4G/5G connection, if not the call quality might suffer. If you are unsure of the data connection available you can now switch to GSM calls* which use your mobile network and offer the normal call quality associated with your host network. Watch our video on how GSM calls works:

The App literally transforms your smartphone or tablet into a VOIP phone, that you can take anywhere in the world and make calls from your virtual number.  Have a look at our blog to learn more about the pros and cons of using the App. The app can also be enabled to receive inbound calls over the internet. 

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VOIP phones

VOIP phones are business quality handsets that could be programmed to work with your Virtual Landline number

The only thing you have to do is to activate your Virtual Landline subscription and leave the rest to us. You have a choice of six handsets:

All prices include VAT & delivery

Please, get in touch, so we can process your order or purchase the handsets through your online account


The Buzz Box 

The Buzz Box allows you to convert any old handset into a Virtual Landline phone. We configure all Buzz Boxes in-house, so all you have to do is plug it into your broadband router and then plug the phone into the Buzz Box. 

After you set up the Buzz Box you are ready to make and receive calls with your Virtual Landline number. All calls received on the Buzz Box are free and don't consume any inclusive minutes (excludes Freephone inbound calls)

You can add your mobile number as one of the divert numbers and if an incoming call isn't answered via the Buzz Box, it will be redirected to your mobile.

The Buzz Box comes fully set up at the price of £55.00 (VAT & delivery included) 

Download a guide 'How to set up your Buzz Box'

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