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Finding a Virtual Number

How can I find out what virtual numbers are available?

When you click on the button that says ‘Choose a Virtual Number’, you’ll be taken to the registration page, the very first step on this page is choosing a number, just follow the steps afterwards to continue with the sign-up. 

What types of numbers do you offer?

Currently we offer geographical (02 & 01) and national (033 & 0800) numbers. You'll be able to choose from a drop-down menu, showing you 20 different numbers and it's up to you to pick the one that you like most. If you are looking for a memorable number with special digit combinations, you'll have to contact us via email and we'll sort it out for you. 

How can I choose a memorable number? 

You will have to contact us via email and we’ll be able to help you find a memorable virtual number. This, however, might incur additional charges, depending on the number you choose. Golden numbers come with a one off cost which start at £50.

Can I port my existing number?

Porting a phone number means that even if you switch providers you can keep your existing number, this means you don't have to worry about informing all contacts about your number change and you don't have to worry about missing important calls. View are porting page for more details.

Getting Started With Virtual Landline

How to sign up for Virtual Landline?

Click on the Sign Up button and follow the registration steps. You will be asked to provide contact details, add your divert number and choose a virtual number. Please, note, if you choose PayPal as your primary payment method, you won't be able to change it to card payments after subscribing.

I've just signed up, but my number isn't working

After signing up, you'll be sent a welcome email. You must click on the activation link in this email, so your Virtual Landline is activated, only after that, you'll be able to make and receive calls immediately.

I haven't received the Welcome email, what should I do?

Please, check the spam or junk folders in your inbox. If you haven't received the Welcome email within 10 minutes, please contact Customer Service on +44 (0) 203 488 0088

Pro Features

What is 'Call Whisper'? 

Whisper tone is a short message letting you know that you are receiving a call from your Virtual Landline number.  This way you'll know that someone has dialled your Virtual Landline number, not your personal mobile or landline. 

What is 'Auto-Attendant'? 

Auto-Attendant is a professional 'Welcome message' played to your customers and allowing them to choose from different dial options. A typical Auto-Attendant message sounds like "Welcome to MyCompany's Name, please press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts or 3 for Technical support." Find more about Auto-Attendant 

What is 'Time Of Day Routing'? 

Time Of Day Routing allows you to specify the time or day when the incoming calls will be routed to your virtual number. Simply said, this means that with Time Of Day Routing you can control the hours and days when to receive business calls from your Virtual Landline. Time Of Day Routing can be set up through the online portal 

What is Simultaneous Ringing? 

With simultaneous ringing all your divert numbers will ring at the same time when you are getting an incoming call from your Virtual Landline number.

What is Sequential Ringing? 

Sequential Ringing is the opposite of simultaneous ringing. It allows your divert numbers to ring in a sequence set up by you. You can adjust the sequence through the online portal, so it calls one number first, then after a certain amount of time if there is no answer it will go onto the second divert number, then the third and so on. If no one answers the call at the end, it will go straight to voicemail. You can find more about Virtual Landline Voicemail on our blog.  

What happens if I go over the 400 inclusive minutes in the Global Standard plan? 

The virtual landline service then becomes a Pay As You Go service, so you don’t get any unexpected bills. Calls will be charged at 1p per minute to UK landlines and 4p per minute to UK mobiles, for both inbound and outbound. The cost of these calls will be deducted from your calling credit on your account. You'll need to top up your balance through the online portal

How to add some of these features to my account? 

You can either choose an add-on while you are registering for Virtual Landline or if you have already subscribed and want to upgrade your service, you can log in to your online account and add the upgrade from the pro-features menu. 

How can I cancel some of the pro-features I added recently, but I want to keep my regular monthly plan? 

You'll have to contact us via email or call us directly, so we can cancel your add-ons, but keep the existing monthly plan rolling  

Voicemail Setup

How to record my voicemail greeting? 

Please, dial *98 from your virtual landline app or 01303656565 from any other phone. You will be asked for your password which is set to 777 by default, followed by  #. You will be given a list of options, one of those is to record your personal greeting. You can learn more about setting up your Virtual Landline voicemail from our blog click here

Please NOTE: Your account number is your Virtual Landline number, but the 0 is replaced by 44. For example, if your Virtual Landline number is 012345678910, the account number is 4412345678910 

I'm not receiving my voicemail to email messages?

Please, check your spam or junk folder, if you find the voicemail in your spam or junk folder, please trust the sender, this will then filter the voicemails into your inbox in the future. Sometimes, your mobile phone’s voicemail can pick up Virtual Landline voicemail messages, please see the topic below to find out how to fix this.

I'm getting virtual landline messages to my mobile phone's voicemail. What should I do?

To avoid mixing up your personal & virtual landline voicemails, please make sure that the number of rings to your personal voicemail is longer than the virtual landline one. This means that if you have set up your divert numbers to ring for 20 seconds, the ring duration for your mobile phone voicemail should be longer than 20 seconds. Otherwise, your personal voicemail will automatically take calls from your virtual number. 

I don't know how to change my mobile phone's voicemail settings?

Every mobile provider has a guide on setting up or changing voicemail settings. You will have to go to the FAQs section of your mobile provider’s website and check out what guidance they have given you. Here are some helpful links to the FAQs pages of Vodafone, O2, Three, EE, GiffGaff, TalkTalk, Lebara

Managing Your Calls

How to make outbound calls? 

You'll need to download our free Virtual Landline app onto your mobile device or get a pre-configured Buzz VOIP phone or a Buzz Box. 

How to make outbound calls with the app? 

You'll have to download the app from Google Play or Apple Store. After downloading it and having successfully registered for Virtual Landline, you'll need to log in to your online account and click on the Apps & Devices tab, here you'll be able to find the login details for your app (username & password). Please, use these credentials to log in the app, after successfully being logged in, you'll be able to make outbound calls via the app and display your virtual landline number

How to make outbound calls with a VOIP phone? 

Buzz VOIP phones come fully set up with your Virtual Landline and ready to use straight away. All you need to do is plug the phone into a power source and internet router, and you can start making calls

How to make outbound calls with the Buzz Box?

You need to connect the Buzz Box to a broadband router and your BT handset and you are ready to make calls through your Virtual Landline. 

Can I see who is calling?

In standard setup you can see who is calling because the caller's ID is forwarded to the device you are using (e.g. mobile or landline.)

You may wish to add a Whisper Tone so you know that the caller has dialled your Virtual Landline number, not your personal mobile. By using Whisper Tone you will still see the caller's ID but when you answer the call, you will hear the message "Incoming call from Virtual Landline". This message is only heard by you and gives you the chance to answer the phone accordingly, in a more business-like fashion.   

If you do not wish to invest in Whisper Tone, you can change the caller's ID to show your Virtual Landline number instead of the actual caller's ID. This can be set up through your online account. Please, log in first, then navigate to Settings and search for the tab 'Call Identifier'.  You will see two options there 1) Show Caller's Telephone Number and 2) Show My Virtual Landline Number. You can switch on or off each of these options by pressing the on/off buttons.

Frequent Callers

If you receive frequent calls we recommend that you use the app on the UK unlimited plan and divert incoming calls via the app.

It is vital to use the app while on this plan and receiving inbound calls so you don't incur a charge.

For more information on how to set up and use the app, head here.

Music on hold

There are different options when you select music on hold for your phone system. You can select royalty free music or alternatively acquire copyrighted music. Royalty free can be purchased easily from a number of different websites however if you've just selected a copyrighted track to your phone system you will need a license.

The licenses you will need are:

  • PRS (Performing Rights Society) for Music Licence, which allows for music to be played aloud
  • PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd), which a distributes money to the copyright owners.

Both licenses can now be purchased from PPL PRS Ltd via their website.

Managing Call Diverts

How to set up a divert number?

Upon initial signing up you will be asked to add your divert number. If you want to change this number at a later stage, you can do so through your online account.  

Can I add more than one divert number? 

Yes, you can add up to five divert numbers to your Virtual Landline plan. By default, they will ring in sequence, which you can set up through the online portal. If you want all of them to ring simultaneously, you'll need to choose one of the office packs (Office Pack or Office Pro-Pack)

How much does it cost to divert a number abroad? 

It depends on the country your divert number is registered. For example, if you have chosen a landline in India as a divert number, your inbound calls will be charged at the rates of a landline in India. The same applied to your outbound calls. You can use our Rate Finder to find out about different international rates

Using the app

How can I find my app login details? 

Log in to your online account, click the tab Apps & Devices and you'll be able to see your app's QR code which you can scan from the app itself.

The call quality is really bad, what should I do? 

The main reason for bad calls made via the app is the quality of your internet connection. To improve your outbound and inbound calls when using the app, please make sure that the 3G/4G or Wi-Fi is at its best. To learn how to get the most out of your Virtual Landline app, visit our blog

Can I Record Calls?

Anyone who has a plan with access to the app can enable the call recording feature by going to the settings icon in the app > 'Preferences' > 'Call Recording'. Change the settings to your desired format and it should be enabled from then on.

This allows you to record and listen to your Virtual Landline phone calls that come into or are made out of the app. You can not download the call recordings off of the current app as they are stored locally on the phone but they can still be accessed through the free app whenever you need it. 

If call recording with the option to download is something you need then take a look at Virtual Landline Office, which offers such plans.


What is GSM Calling?

What is a GSM call?

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications (GSM). During a GSM call, speech is converted from analogue sound waves to digital data by the phone itself and transmitted through the mobile phone network by digital means. Basically, it’s the ability to take a SIM card from a mobile provider in your area and connect it to a device which can then connect back to a phone system and be used for incoming and outgoing calls.

Why use GSM calling?

Often your phone’s mobile signal is better suited for making voice calls than your data connection, so if you are experiencing poor quality calls using data, we advise using the GSM option. The person you are calling will only see your VL number.

Why do I have a data call button and a GSM call button on the app?

The app requires an internet connection for the VoIP function (data calls) and so works on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, if you don’t have a reliable data connection, the App won’t work properly, and the call quality might suffer. For the GSM function it uses your mobile network like a normal call rather than VOIP which sends the call as data packets via the internet.

Will I incur charges making calls using GSM?

*GSM calls are made using an access number (UK local/national code) in order to get the call to Virtual Landline servers, which seamlessly forward the call to the number you are dialling and showing your Virtual Landline number as caller ID. Calls to our access number, using the GSM call option, will be charged by your mobile network provider at their standard rate, unless you have inclusive UK minutes. The charges for these calls will appear on your mobile bill and Virtual Landline account from your inclusive minutes.

Payments & Invoices

What cards do you accept? Do you accept Paypal? 

We accept all types of Visa and Mastercard. We do accept PayPal payments as well 

How can I change my card details? 

Log in to the online portal, click on Payment Details tab and edit your credentials

I have problems changing my payment method from PayPal to card? 

If you have chosen PayPal as payment method you won’t be able to change it to card through the online portal but if you Give us a call on +44 (0) 203 488 0088 and we’ll be happy to help

I cannot change my payment details, what should I do? 

There might be a number of reasons why you cannot change your payment details, give us a call on +44 (0) 203 488 0088 and we’ll be happy to help

I cancelled my subscription, but I am still getting charged? 

If you think you have been charged by mistake, please get in touch, and we'll check out what had happened 

How do I find my invoices? 

Your invoices are sent to your email on a monthly basis as your subscription renews. You also have the option to download the invoices from the last 5 months through your online portal. Please, log in to your online account and click on Plans & Payments where you'll be able to find your invoices and other useful payment information. 

Prices, Top Ups, Cancellations

How much does it cost? 

The monthly price depends on the plan you choose. We offer four plans with great value: Starter, £3.95 per month; Basic, £6.50 per month; UK Unlimited, £8.75 per month; Pro Unlimited, £10.95 per month; Freephone, £11.95 per month. Please, have in mind that if you choose to add Pro-Features to your plan, additional charges will incur on top of your monthly plan 

What's included in the Starter plan? 

The plan is a bit like a PAYG service. You pay £3.95 a month for the facility and you can receive unlimited inbound calls, but only on your free App. If you wish to make outbound calls from the App or forward your inbound calls to another number (e.g. your mobile) you will have to pay for these minutes from your Top-Up account. To get you going we add £1 of free welcome credit (once only), to your Top-Up account. If you need to add more minutes for calls to your Starter plan, you can top up through the Online Account.

What's included in the Basic plan? 

The plan is a basic divert service that comes with all standard Virtual Landline features, excluding the app as outbound calls aren't included in this plan. It also gives you the freedom of receiving totally unlimited diverted calls to UK Geo numbers (01/02/03) plus 1000 minutes to UK standard mobile numbers (07) (subject to Fair Usage Policy, please check Terms & Conditions). If you need to add more minutes for international calls to your Basic plan, you can top up through the Online Account.

What's included in the UK Unlimited plan?

The plan includes all standard Virtual Landline features, but it gives you the freedom of making and receiving totally unlimited outbound/diverted calls to UK Geo numbers (01/02/03) plus 1000 minutes to UK standard mobile numbers (07). If you need additional international minutes to your UK Unlimited plan, you can top up through your Online Account  

What's included in the Pro Unlimited plan?

Pro Unlimited is designed as a go anywhere solution for people on the move. It comes with a mobile app and PC app that allow you to make and receive calls wherever you are. The apps are synchronised so that both will ring at the same time or individually if one is switched off. If you choose to add a VoIP desk or home phone, all three devices will ring at the same time, wherever they are located. This has to be the most flexible way of handling your valuable business calls.

Also included is a timeframes package which allows you to define your office hours and divert calls to other places, or voicemail after hours.

Any inbound calls diverted to your mobile (if you are out of range of good quality wi-fi or 4G) come with a whisper tone so you can easily identify business calls from personal ones.

What's included in the Freephone plan?

This plan is a new addition to Virtual Landline allowing your customers to make free of charge calls to your virtual number. The plan includes all standard Virtual Landline features without any extra or unlimited minutes added to it. Freephone numbers are a great way to drive sales enquiries to your business  

What is this £1/£5 credit in my account? 

This is £1 or £5 worth of free minutes depending on the plan, every new subscriber gets it as a welcome gift from us. After using this credit you'll have to top up your Account

I'm on the UK Unlimited plan, do I need the £5 credit? 

The £5 credit is a welcome gift from us, every new subscriber gets it and it could be used for out-of-bundle calls. For example, those on the UK UNLIMITED plan will be charged for international numbers and premium rate numbers (0845, 0844 etc.) When this credit is over, Virtual Landline effectively becomes a Pay As You Go Service. 

How do I top up my calling credit? 

When you log in to your online account, please, navigate to the Settings tab on your online dashboard, then you'll see the option 'Top Up credit balance'

Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

Yes, in certain circumstances we will apply additional charges. If you bring your own handset which you require our support to program, a charge will be applied:

  • 1 handset program - £15

If you require additional technical assistance beyond the normal scope of service a charge will be applied: 

  • Technician hourly rate - £150 

Do I need to sign a long term contract? 

Not on our single user plans, you'll be charged on a monthly rolling basis and you can cancel anytime you want. Multiusers are subject to a 12 month contract.

How to cancel Virtual Landline? 

Single users can cancel the service through your Online Account, from the dashboard area choose the Settings tab and navigate to the button 'Cancel' 

Please, refer to our cancellation policy in Terms & Conditions

Multiusers please refer to the Master Service agreement you signed at the beginning of your 12 month contract.

Can I cancel Virtual Landline and move my virtual number? 

Customers need to be with us for 6 months prior to being able to port their number. 0207 and 0208 numbers are not portable. 

Above rules do not apply if a customer already owns the number, in other words, it has been ported to us.  

Please, refer to our porting policy in Terms & Conditions

Changing your plan, contact details & payment methods

How to change my contact details?

You'll have to log in to your online account and click the tab Edit My Personal Details

I need to change my plan 

If you wish to change your current plan, but keep the existing virtual number, you will have to get in touch with us and we'll do it for you. 

How can I change my card details? 

Log in to the online portal, click on Payment Details tab and edit your credentials

I cannot change my payment details, what should I do? 

There might be a number of reasons why you cannot change your payment details, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help

I have problems changing my payment method from PayPal to card?

If you have chosen PayPal as payment method you won’t be able to change it to card through the online portal. Give us a call and we’ll change it manually

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  • "Just moved house from Sheffield to Kent, kept my old Sheffield number by turning it into a Virtual Landline so all our friends can still keep in touch."

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  • "We use a VOIP phone instead of the free app and really can't tell the difference between our Virtual Landline and a real one, except the cost! When we're out the calls are sent to my mobile, and no one knows. Marvellous!"

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