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What is Porting? 

Porting means that your existing fixed/virtual line (01/02) will be switched to a Virtual Landline. Porting requires your existing provider (usually BT) to release the number and pass its hosting to us. 

We can also port 03 and 0800 numbers.

How to find out if my provider allows landline porting?

Some providers in the UK do not allow porting, others have different charges. You should contact your existing landline provider before signing up to our service and confirm their terms and conditions on porting. Currently, numbers originally supplied by Cable & Wireless cannot be ported as no agreement exists between them and BT. 

Porting your landline number

During the registration you will be given the option to port your existing number, just press the button on the registration wizard that says ‘Existing Number’ and follow the steps afterwards

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When can I start using my existing number after porting is complete?

After the number transfer is complete, you will be contacted by our Customer Service team, letting you know that you can use the number freely.

What happens to my broadband after porting?

When your number is ported the existing fixed landline will cease service. If you have a broadband service or an alarm system on that line it will stop working, so please ensure you have moved those services to another phone line before the porting date. If you wish to change from cable broadband to a more flexible alternative such as 3G/4G routers, check out our other service Virtual Landline Wireless.

How long does the landline porting process take?

Porting can take on average 3 weeks, as the technical department at BT requires very precise information to be submitted before the process commences. It may help speeding it up if you supply us with a copy of your telephone bill.

When is the transfer date? 

The transfer date depends on the date when BT releases your number. Usually, when we have a confirmed porting date the number transfer occurs between 11 am and 12 am on the day. 95% of ports happen immediately. Sometimes there is a null period while BT engineers complete the process. If an error occurs during the process, they may roll back and allocate a new date. As soon as this process is complete, the calls will start arriving via the Virtual Landline.

Will you notify me about the transfer date? 

Yes, as soon as we have a confirmation from BT about the transfer date, you will be notified via email. We send the notifications to the email address you have registered your Virtual Landline.

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Tip: The landline number porting process can take 2 to 4 weeks

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