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The 0203 area code is a part of the London 020 prefix and is used by some of the most well-known businesses in the world. Including The Bank of England, The Guardian & TUI Holidays, making them increasingly popular within businesses because of the reputable connotations of the other businesses that are housed under them. 

What is an 0203 Number?

0203 numbers are associated with the London area, and came into use in 2005 as the demand for local London numbers began to increase. The 020 prefix denotes London areas, with Virtual Landline providing affordable 0203, 0208, and 0207 virtual numbers for businesses and individuals around the UK.

How much is an 0203 number?

Here at Virtual Landline, we offer 0203 numbers for a reasonable price of £6.50 per month. This plan includes a £5 welcome call credit and convenient diverts to both mobile and landline. For more information regarding our tariffs and other phone plans, click here.


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Why choose a 0203 number for your business?

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In a city where competition is rife and appearance is everything, a 0203 number can give your business the appearance of an established London-based business without the expensive overheads of a city office. Having a prestige point of contact in London can give you advantage over your competitors and give local customers the comfort of calling a local number.

Our low-cost virtual number plans enable you to run your business from your out-of-city home or from anywhere in the world, all the while maintaining your presence in London. For an additional £2 a month on top of your monthly plan, you can choose a central London virtual number with a 0207 or 0208 prefix.

Another benefit of using a 0203 phone number would be the perk of cutting phone prices. With a Virtual Landline number, the requirement of paying for a fixed BT landline is removed, leaving you with just the need to pay your monthly bill with us. (Depending on the plan you have chosen).


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If you are on the hunt for a ‘Golden Number’ (a number with a special digit combination), contact our team and we’ll be happy to help your find the best number for your business.

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