Running Your Business From a Mobile?

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Running Your Business From a Mobile?

Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual number is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Usually, these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers, chosen by the client (fixed, mobile or VoIP.)

Virtual landline numbers are perfect for homeworkers, freelancers, individuals working out of serviced offices or people who need the flexibility to work from multiple locations. It works just like a normal landline, but you can make and receive calls from an app (via Wi-Fi or 4G/3G) or through a VoIP phone that plugs into your broadband connection instead of your normal phone socket. You can even divert the virtual landline number directly to your mobile or home phone, so you can also receive calls without an internet connection.

When someone calls your virtual number, the call goes through a data centre and then out to whichever phone you've directed it to, whether that's a landline, mobile or VoIP device. This all happens in an instant, so your caller will have no idea they're calling a virtual number.

Gaining Local Presence

For SMEs and even global organisations, virtual numbers allow promoting a local presence in the UK without physically being in that location. Having a virtual phone number gives you the freedom to run a 'London office' with a 02 telephone number, wherever you happen to be based.

Virtual numbers are ultra-flexible. You can divert calls instantly to a telephone number of your choice. With our virtual numbers, you can keep track of your call data. Detailed statistics can be found in your online portal and will show who called when they called and for how long.

Advantages of running your business from a mobile phone

Improve productivity

Ever since the invention of the smartphone, the power within our phones has increased exceptionally. With the use of business applications, such as our bespoke virtual landline app, you can now access most of your files from a standard phone.

Increase mobility

Working from a smartphone can also mean that you always have your workstation with you! You can freely get back to clients, or answer important internal questions wherever you are, increasing your mobility as a business.

Work remotely

One great advantage of running a business from your mobile is the ability to work from wherever you can get an internet connection. Sometimes, the office can be the most demotivating place to work, so being able to do your duties from a cosy coffee shop or from the comfort of your home is important.

Reduced running costs

Using a mobile phone for your business can also save your business money right from the off. The cost of having a landline phone installed on a property for the first time can be surprising, and also limits business growth. With traditional phone lines, you have a maximum number of extensions you can request, which can actually slow down the growth of a business.

Using a virtual landline number doesn't put a cap on the number of extensions you can have, meaning that every salesperson or executive can have their own extension with no issues.

Can my business number be diverted to mobile?

Yes, your business number can be diverted to mobile when using a virtual landline number. Call diversions can be set up with the app, so that callers can be easily redirected to your relevant mobile phone.

Don't own a virtual landline number? Learn more about Landline Porting today and how it can make your business more flexible when communicating with clients and customers. From numerous extensions, to virtual assistants, virtual numbers are the future of business communication.

What are the benefits of diverting a landline number to a mobile phone?


Diverting your landline calls to your mobile phone means that you can keep your personal phone number private for you and your family. Many businesspeople use this small trick to avoid being inundated with calls when spending time with family and friends. This allows businesses to keep calls to a specific number, ensuring you know how to act when answering a surprise call.

Calls on the go

As mentioned above, there is also a great benefit of being able to answer landline diverted calls from anywhere around the world. Having a local, national or free number as your virtual landline means that you can answer these diverted calls from anywhere and you will still be charged the standard rate. Even if you are working abroad, or have to answer an emergency call whilst on holiday.

Divert multiple numbers

You can also divert multiple landline numbers to your single mobile device. Using our Virtual Landline app, you can conveniently add up to five numbers to have diverted to your mobile at a single time, which can be incredibly useful when starting a small business, or working with clients in different locations.

The Solution is Virtual Landline

If you are a starting business, a sole trader or running an existing business, Virtual Landline can solve your telephony issues, providing you with a single low-cost number without being caught out by diversion charges or tied in a long contract.

What's more, the Virtual Landline app utilises the latest VoIP technology, so as long as your device is connected to a good Wi-Fi or 4G/3G network, your calls will be crystal clear, even when travelling abroad.

Register today, download our app and configure your account so that the service is ready for use and matches your preferences.