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on Wednesday, 29 April 2020. Posted in Tips Pro-Features
How Virtual Landline Can Solve Your Office Communication Issues thumbnail

When running a company from home there are some main issues that arise, including professionalism. How do you keep the professional façade while working from your house? Virtual Landline can help! With our free app, you can manage your calls to your local, London,0330, or 0800 number from a device of your choosing, plus other handy features that will make running your business more manageable.

on Thursday, 19 March 2020. Posted in Pro-Features
No-Contract Virtual Numbers thumbnail

We are the go-to virtual number specialists who offer high-quality, no-contract VoIP services. Our no-contract VoIP services come stocked with a range of pro features that give our customers flexibility and support. This includes offering no fixed contracts that allow you to use our services when you need them.

on Wednesday, 25 March 2020. Posted in Tips Pro-Features
Outgrowing The Single User Virtual Landline? thumbnail

If you have a growing business or you have recently needed to extend the amount of users linked to your VoIP number (e.g. influx of home workers) then we can help. A VoIP Multi-user phone package is the perfect way to keep your business communication consistent and professional in an easy and cost-effective manner.

on Wednesday, 18 March 2020. Posted in Tips Pro-Features
Why Every Home Office Needs a Virtual Landline thumbnail

Are you concerned about phone bills skyrocketing? Or experiencing bad signal in your area and missing important business calls? To keep your communications and work consistent, replace your old landline with a Virtual one. Far more reliable and the price is easy to monitor – including extra pro features available to help with call management e.g. Redirect to any device, Simultaneous ringing, Auto-attendant.

on Friday, 20 March 2020. Posted in Company News Tips Pro-Features

No matter the issues in the world there are always inspiring stories popping up about conscious human beings going out of their way to help others in a crisis. With the current panic around Coronavirus and elderly or high-risk members of the community being told to self-isolate there are many day-to-day tasks that become difficult.

on Friday, 09 October 2020. Posted in Pro-Features
VoIP Apps vs VoIP Desk Phones thumbnail

Which is better? VoIP apps or VoIP desk phones.

We discuss how VoIP desk phones could be unnecessary with the availability of greater and more powerful VoIP apps or click to dial options.

on Friday, 24 July 2020. Posted in Tips Pro-Features
Private Numbers: What They Mean for your Business thumbnail

A private number is when a caller intentionally blocks their number from showing on caller ID. They're used to hide the identity of callers, and they can appear on your phone as ‘Private Caller’, ‘Restricted’, ‘Blocked’, 'No Caller ID', or other similar variations.

on Wednesday, 19 August 2020. Posted in Pro-Features
Virtual Landline International Call Forwarding Options thumbnail

Forwarding international calls just got a lot cheaper.

You can have your customers, family and friends contact you on a UK telephone number without having to worry about the cost of answering the call internationally.

on Friday, 28 February 2020. Posted in Tips Pro-Features
Virtual Landline: Your Travel Companion thumbnail

Need help when travelling abroad with your virtual numbers? Make sure you have all the information you need when using your virtual travel companion, with Virtual Landline. No hidden charges or fees, so you can run your business from anywhere in the world.

on Wednesday, 26 June 2019. Posted in Tips Pro-Features
Voicemail Advantages and Disadvantages thumbnail

Many businesses shy away from voicemail as a feature of their phone systems. But when used correctly, voicemail can enhance your customer experience and benefit the business as a whole. Voicemail can easily be set up and prevent the loss of business from missed calls.

While there are many key benefits to utilising voicemail, there are drawbacks too. Some businesses have found that voicemail can hinder their business processes, with some employees choosing to avoid answering calls and deferring to their voicemail instead. 

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