How to Divert Landline Calls to your Mobile

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How to Divert Landline Calls to your Mobile

For many of us, the ability to answer business calls while on the go is absolutely vital. But making your mobile number public isn't ideal. By diverting your office landline, you can take calls on your mobile while keeping your personal number separate.

So how does diverting your landline work? When a number is diverted, it acts as a forwarder to the new number. Whoever calls the landline will simply be forwarded to your mobile.

Here's how you can divert your landline easily.

How to divert landline to mobile

With three easy steps, you can divert any landline number to a mobile number.

1) Choose your Desired Number to Divert

You can start this process by choosing which landline number you want to divert to your mobile number. This can either be a new, virtual number, or you can port an existing number to a Virtual Landline.

Get a New Number

Getting a new number with Virtual Landline has never been easier. We offer deals on national numbers and local numbers by area code. Perfect for businesses that currently focused on a single location, obtain a local number, without having to open a brick and mortar store.

Port an Existing Number

If you already have your ideal landline number, you should be able to move your existing number to Virtual Landline and apply the number diversion there. This is called number porting, and is allowed by most providers.

In the porting process, your existing landline provider will release your landline number to Virtual Landline, which we will then host virtually, so then you can enjoy the long list of benefits of using a VoIP.

2) Set up a Call Divert

Once you have your desired number set up in your Virtual Landline account, you can set up the call divert within the Virtual Landline app. When the first number is called, it will instantly divert to the destination number of your choice.

3) Call Diversion Completed

After setting up the call diversion on the app, you should be good to go. To double-check that the diversion has been set up correctly, we would advise you to call the number off a different mobile phone to ensure that the landline diverts to your preferred mobile.

Benefits of Diverting your Calls

Diverting a number for business or individual use comes with plenty of benefits, from taking calls from around the world, to keeping your mobile private. We will be discussing a section of the benefits today.

1) Answer Diverted Calls from Anywhere

Diverting your landline means that you can take calls to this phone from anywhere. This means that you don't need to be tied to your office, nor will you have to rely on a virtual receptionist.

2) Keep your Mobile Private

When forwarding landline calls to your mobile, you do not need to make your mobile number public. This means that you can avoid having your personal number open to the world, and maintain a separation between business and personal calls. This can also be said to individuals that would rather avoid giving out their mobile numbers to 3rd party businesses or service providers.

3) Customise your Public Number

Virtual Landline gives you the option of choosing a custom phone number to divert. Choose a number local to an area you want to target (eg London numbers) or choose a memorable number that you can market effectively.

4) Choose a Local Number

If you or your business goes down the route of acquiring a new business landline number to divert calls, you can choose a number in a local area you would like to target.
An example of this would be a business that has seen large success in a location that they are not currently based in. This business could then acquire a local phone number, such as a Glasgow or Blackburn number, and appeal to local customers with a local landline number, that they are used to seeing when contacting services.

5) Choose a Memorable Number

This benefit is mainly for individuals that own, or manage a business. Choosing a memorable number, which are also known as golden numbers, allows you to pick a number that is easy to remember.

These can be great for traditional marketing ventures, such as radio or television advertisements. A great example of this would be the marketing campaign by Hastings' Direct.

In their adverts, they used a jingle, alongside their business landline number “0800 00 1066”, which people can still remember years after the marketing campaign was concluded.

How to Divert Multiple Numbers to Mobile

If you have multiple phone numbers that you publicise, you can divert them all to your mobile with Virtual Landline. With our free mobile app, you can add up to five numbers to divert. By doing this, you can ensure that anyone trying to reach your business on any front can get through.

The Virtual Landline app will work anywhere with access to the internet, either via 4G/3G or Wi-Fi. If this fails our voicemail service will forward any messages to your chosen email address, so there is no chance of callers slipping through the net.

Many of our customers set up numbers in the UK that divert calls overseas, where the app works just the same. There are over 50 destinations worldwide where you can use your inclusive minutes for diverted calls.

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Divert a Number with Virtual Landline

If you are looking to divert a number to your mobile, you've come to the right place. Virtual Landline offers:

  • Free user-to-user calls
  • Free Voicemail to Email service
  • No charges for calls received on the app or VOIP phone or through the Buzz Box
  • No roaming charges with the app
  • Choice of upgrades and add-ons to the service

Feel free to sign up today, or get in touch with our team for more information.