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How Can VoIP Save Your Business Money

on Tuesday, 23 June 2020. Posted in Tips, Company News

You will see many articles outlining the benefits of the switch to VoIP for your business communication and most of the time they contain ‘money-saving’ or ‘cheaper alternative’, this article will break down the ways in which switching to a VoIP phone system can save your business money. Be smart and make the switch today! +44 (0) 203 488 0088

What is VoIP

VoIP (Voice over internet protocol)sends voice signals as digital packets over the internet instead of the phone lines. This means as long as you have a stable internet connection you can make and receive calls, giving you more freedom with your business.

Long-distance / international cost savings

One of the main cost-saving advantages of VoIP is the savings on long-distance calls. By converting a caller's voice to data and transferring it over the Internet to a VoIP phone on the other end, companies can avoid traditional phone lines and the long-distance charges that come with them.

The biggest advantage of making international calls using VoIP is that you can choose to purchase a phone number in another country. E.g. Let's say you live in the United States, but all your relatives live in England. VoIP calling services like Virtual Landline can assign you a British telephone number, even if your phone is in the United States. Every time you call your relatives in England, it's charged as a local phone call, not an international. Depending on your British relatives and their local calling plan, they might be able to phone you for free.

Inbound and outbound

When using Virtual Landline VoIP, Inbound calls are free (can depend on your chosen number) and outbound calls are low cost compared to other mobile providers. Check our tariffs page for more information on international charges.

If you have chosen an 03 number or an 0800 number there may be additional charges, click here for more information.

Plug and play

The VoIP system can be used completely on the internet e.g. You get a virtual number, you download the virtual landline free app, you make calls over the internet through the app using your new business number. This means there is no hardware (apart from your mobile) that you need and therefore no risk of damages, no extra cost spent on a landline phone and line rental, no cost for line upgrades or installation.


Although not directly saving you money, it could save you from losing money down the line. VoIP can operate through an encrypted VPN connection adding extra security for your business or customer service calls.

Small businesses

Users can enjoy enhanced business functionality such as voicemail to email and call forwarding for the same/similar price as a domestic line. Getting more for your money and making VoIP phone systems the better value choice.

If you still aren’t sure that VoIP is for you then check out the testimonials of some of Virtual Landlines happy customers – testimonials. 


  • "I used to carry two mobiles around, one for work and one for personal use, thanks to Virtual Landline I now only need one, and have saved money."

    Virtual Landline Review Gary

    Gary Jones, Dentfix Mobile Vehicle Repairs

  • "I can now make really great value calls from my mobile using the app on 4G which is ideal for phoning home to India when I’m on the move."

    Virtual Landline Reviews Vijay


  • "Just moved house from Sheffield to Kent, kept my old Sheffield number by turning it into a Virtual Landline so all our friends can still keep in touch."

    Virtual Landline Reviews John

    John Stonehouse

  • "I bought a Virtual Landline for my mum in Poland, so she has a Colchester phone number! I can now call her from my mobile using my free minutes"

    Virtual Landline Reviews Ola


  • "We needed a temporary phone number for a project, Virtual Landline was perfect... we plan to buy more."

    Virtual Landline Reviews Oscar

    Oscar Jackson, THP Architects

  • "I set up a Virtual Landline for my parents who have moved to Spain, now we can call them for the cost of a local call and so can all their old friends."

    Virtual Landline Reviews Louisa

    Louisa McCarthy

  • "I'm an airline stewardess, and Virtual Landline saves me a fortune. All I need is Wi-Fi anywhere in the world, and I can phone home for a penny a minute, and my friends can phone me back as if I was in the UK... Amazing"

    Virtual Landline Reviews Chloe

    Chloe Forbes

  • "I started my new business working from home and needed a dedicated number, Virtual Landline was an ideal and cheap solution. Also... if my business grows, I can take the number with me.

    Virtual Landlin Reviews Abigail

    Abigail Goddard, Lux Interiors

  • "We use a VOIP phone instead of the free app and really can't tell the difference between our Virtual Landline and a real one, except the cost! When we're out the calls are sent to my mobile, and no one knows. Marvellous!"

    Virtual Landline Reviews Ron and Carol Smyth

    Ron and Carol Smyth