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Necessary Equipment for the New ‘normal’ Working

on Thursday, 02 April 2020. Posted in Tips, Industry News

Recently the ‘norm’ has changed. We have all had to adjust to this temporary way of living and working for the sake of everyone’s health. With this, many people have had to adapt to be able to work from home. Below is a checklist of some of the essentials someone might need in a home office…


VoIP - Virtual Landline

Voice over internet protocol is not only a cost-effective means of communication but it can also maintain your professional façade while having employees work from home. Using a virtual landline, you can direct calls from your chosen landline number and forward them to your desired contact number. This is perfect for any business as well as personal use, if you wish to communicate with family or friends in foreign countries, they can use a UK Virtual number to avoid high international tariff charges.


Decent PC Set Up

It goes without saying, if your main way of working is digital then having a working computer is key. There is no better time than a quarantine to remind you of any outdated kit, especially when it will be getting overworked in the coming weeks.

By making sure you have a similar, if not better, set up to your workplace it will help to keep focus. Having the right tools to continue your work are key to maintaining your quality output.

You may also need to include a printer/scanner in this set up depending on your line of work.


Back-Up Drive 

When working from home there is a higher amount of uncertainty and security, the last thing you want is all your work from the past two hours to be deleted when you spill coffee on your pc or your street has a power cut. This is why it’s very important to have back up drives and autosaves e.g. Microsoft documents – in the settings you can adjust to autosave every 15 or 30 minutes.


Cloud Storage

Google drives and Microsoft teams are extremely helpful, perfect for sharing documents with colleagues. 

Tools like these can help you communicate and streamline your day to day working. No need to fiddle about with email after email of attached files that take an age to download. 

Microsoft also has other productivity tools like shared calendars to create tasks and notifications. This can help keep teams organized and in sync with their to-do lists, which in turn will keep the business running smoothly.


Security Software

While working on potentially sensitive documents from home it is important that any virus protection and security software is up to date and working. 

When not using your computer, remember to turn it off and for more information on cybersecurity head to buzz wireless for this informative article.


Supportive Equipment

As some would at work, you may be spending a lot of time at a desk. It is important that you have the right set up like a comfy chair or a mouse pad with wrist support to avoid any strain. 

It is also key that you take regular breaks from staring at a computer, similar to how you would at work. When working alone in your own house it would be easy to get sucked up in work, before you know it three hours of staring at a screen have passed. Whereas, in work, you would stop to make a drink or converse with a colleague, make sure to stick to these small breaks to avoid eye strain and overworking yourself.


Strong Internet Connection

There is nothing more annoying, bar maybe a global pandemic, than buffering or slow internet. It has the ability to halt your productivity in one strike as it installs anger into the best of people.

With the large strain on the main network providers due to the influx of home workers, it is imperative to acquire a means of a stable internet connection, potentially investing in boosters or alternative options like 4g routers

For info on how to reduce strain on your connection read this blog.


Nice Decor

Although it isn’t essential while working from home in isolation for the foreseeable future, having an inviting area to work in can help keep you motivated and sane. A few house plants or personal figurines may help warm up your desk.


Ultimately everyone is different so find what works for you and stick with it. Stay safe and try to stay sane.

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