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Virtual Landline: Your Travel Companion

on Friday, 28 February 2020. Posted in Tips, Pro-Features

Virtual Landline: Your Travel Companion

This article explains the many reasons why Virtual Landline is beneficial to your life and business, especially if you are a frequent traveller who wants to avoid having to pay such hefty tariff charges when calling back home.

 Why Choose A Virtual Number?

With a virtual phone number users don’t require access to a cell tower or a specific device in order to make or receive calls. This means you don’t have to be in a certain location as these virtual numbers make and receive calls over the internet, allowing anyone with the virtual phone numbers to communicate using any device or devices as long as it has a connection.

The device that the virtual number is routed to can also be altered at any time, this provides a huge advantage and freedom to those who use virtual Landline for professional or personal use.


If you are a frequent traveller or have an upcoming trip, you should use a virtual phone number to keep costs low. Whatever type of travelling you are doing: business or holiday, you will need a way to communicate with friends/family/colleagues while away.

A UK virtual phone number is a way of keeping in touch and protecting your privacy at little expense to yourself.

With one of these UK numbers, you never have to reveal your personal mobile phone number to anyone as the virtual number will redirect to your chosen device. Helpful to keep the divide between your professional and personal life.

This redirection is especially handy for business owners or professional use. It minimises the risk of missing important business calls and this is key as stats show 85% of people will not call back if their call is unanswered. Therefore, having access to your professional landline at all times can prevent you from losing business and developing a bad reputation.


As for charges, incoming calls over Wi-Fi are FREE, allowing you to receive calls anywhere in the world. We also provide cheap international phone charges for outbound calls. The cost to call is around 1/2p per minute – for more information and specific rates head to ‘Find your rate’ page. If you receive or make a call on our new GSM network feature, then your provider may charge you so make sure to check beforehand.

Virtual Landline also promises NO contracts, meaning there is a lot of flexibility to your use of the service. For example: If you know you will be travelling between the months of July to October then you can set up a telephone number specifically over this period. Giving you the control over your use.

 As you can see, Virtual Landline has many benefits and offers all you need when you are spending long periods away from home, friends and family. If you want to avoid the harsh charges given by most mobile providers, then look no further!

  • "I used to carry two mobiles around, one for work and one for personal use, thanks to Virtual Landline I now only need one, and have saved money."

    Virtual Landline Review Gary

    Gary Jones, Dentfix Mobile Vehicle Repairs

  • "I can now make really great value calls from my mobile using the app on 4G which is ideal for phoning home to India when I’m on the move."

    Virtual Landline Reviews Vijay


  • "Just moved house from Sheffield to Kent, kept my old Sheffield number by turning it into a Virtual Landline so all our friends can still keep in touch."

    Virtual Landline Reviews John

    John Stonehouse

  • "I bought a Virtual Landline for my mum in Poland, so she has a Colchester phone number! I can now call her from my mobile using my free minutes"

    Virtual Landline Reviews Ola


  • "We needed a temporary phone number for a project, Virtual Landline was perfect... we plan to buy more."

    Virtual Landline Reviews Oscar

    Oscar Jackson, THP Architects

  • "I set up a Virtual Landline for my parents who have moved to Spain, now we can call them for the cost of a local call and so can all their old friends."

    Virtual Landline Reviews Louisa

    Louisa McCarthy

  • "I'm an airline stewardess, and Virtual Landline saves me a fortune. All I need is Wi-Fi anywhere in the world, and I can phone home for a penny a minute, and my friends can phone me back as if I was in the UK... Amazing"

    Virtual Landline Reviews Chloe

    Chloe Forbes

  • "I started my new business working from home and needed a dedicated number, Virtual Landline was an ideal and cheap solution. Also... if my business grows, I can take the number with me.

    Virtual Landlin Reviews Abigail

    Abigail Goddard, Lux Interiors

  • "We use a VOIP phone instead of the free app and really can't tell the difference between our Virtual Landline and a real one, except the cost! When we're out the calls are sent to my mobile, and no one knows. Marvellous!"

    Virtual Landline Reviews Ron and Carol Smyth

    Ron and Carol Smyth