What is Auto-Attendant & how to set it up?

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What is Auto-Attendant & how to set it up?

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How to use Auto-Attendant with Virtual Landline?

With Virtual Landline you can configure up to three options for your business customers to choose from. For the setup of your Auto-Attendant message, you will need to provide us with the numbers to dial for each selection.

For example, if you have a technical support team and you want to tell your customers "Please, press 1 for technical support" you have to give us the number of the person or team dealing with the technical support enquiries, so we can set this number on our systems. The same applies to the other two options.

You can also choose to redirect your calls to voicemail if a call is made during out of office hours.

How to set up Auto-Attendant?

Step 1 - Record Your Message

You'll need to record the message either personally or use a paid service with a professional recording voice. Fiverr is a good service that many of our customers have previously used. As the name suggests, most things cost £5.00

If you decide to record the welcome message by yourself, please, make sure you choose a quiet spot without any external noise or other disturbances. You should also speak clearly and slowly, so the person on the other side of the line hears your message well.

For easy and quick IVR recordings you can use an app called Audacity - it's a free and user-friendly online tool for sound recordings of any kind.

Step 2 - Send it to us

When you have your message recorded and you are happy with the final result, please send the recording (in one file) to our customer service team on support@virtuallandline.co.uk

We accept Mp3 and .Wav files.

Step 3 - Add the Divert Numbers

In the email you send to our customer service team, please add the phone numbers for the three call options and let us know if you want to get your calls redirected to voicemail during out of office hours.