The Top 10 Benefits of a Virtual Phone System for Business

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The Top 10 Benefits of a Virtual Phone System for Business

What is a Virtual Phone System?

A virtual phone system is an internet-based communication system that can handle your business calls with ease. Allow your employees to communicate with your clients and customers through a number of options, including desk phones, mobile phones, computers and through our bespoke application.

As a virtual phone system requires an internet connection, the need for a traditional office line, with expensive hardware is removed, creating a flexible service that you can add or remove users cheaply and easily.

Advantages of a Virtual Phone System

1) Cost Savings

Call charges with virtual phone systems are generally much cheaper than traditionally based carriers on local, mobile and international calls, making it more cost-effective to maintain a reliable business phone system.

Whenever you have an internet connection, you have access to the rates you have agreed to, so expensive roaming charges overseas won't apply if you decide to use Virtual Landline abroad.

Your number is hosted in the cloud, so there is no need for expensive line rentals, as all the maintenance on the system is handled by your provider which means fewer setup costs. Find more information regarding our international coverage today.

2) Productivity

One great benefit of a virtual phone system is that you can instantly route your calls straight to your mobile phone or any other device that is using our bespoke app. Even if your employees are in “spotty” locations for internet, they can still receive voicemails and faxes through their respective email.

Your sales team can be more flexible out in the field, while you'll be able to access your business calls more conveniently at home. Put simply, using a virtual phone system means that work calls don't always have to be in the office.

3) Flexibility

One of the main processes a small business needs to operate successfully is flexibility. With the constant challenges of office space, sporadic hours and tight funding, a small business owner needs to bring some stability to their customers.

Using a virtual phone system means that even if you're working out of non-traditional office spaces or moving offices, your number will remain the same. This creates a sense of trust and stability with your clientele. More information can be found in our article, how to choose a small business phone system.

4) Plenty of Features

Using a virtual phone system with Virtual Landline means your business will have access to a great collection of features and benefits, including the flexibility to add or reduce the number of landlines you have.

We also offer customisable voicemails, call forwarding and call logs. All of these features can be accessed easily through your account. Discover more benefits of using our virtual phone system here.

5) Available on your Smartphone

Having a virtual phone linked with your personal smartphone gives you the opportunity to make or receive office/work calls wherever you are. The receiver of the call will only see your virtual office phone number.

This means that your personal number is kept private, even though you're using your personal phone to call with. There are many benefits of keeping your business and personal numbers separate, especially for the business itself.

6) Choose your Own Number

A great benefit of virtual office phone systems is that you can choose a phone number that best suits your needs. If you're looking to set up a virtual presence in a particular area of the UK, a localised number is a great way to get started.

For instance, if you're looking to access a customer base in Manchester, get a Manchester number. We also provide memorable numbers - think 0800 00 1066 - to help your business gain the edge.

7) Give a Great Impression

Small businesses and startup companies are very dynamic, constantly changing to the challenges being thrown at them. Virtual phone numbers (rather than a mobile number) can give the impression the company is more stable and larger than it actually is.

With a virtual number, you can give the impression that your business is located at a prestigious address. For instance, a business working remotely can utilise a London number, giving the impression they are based in London, and boosting their reputability.

8) Easy to Set Up

Some phone systems require a lot of lead time to set up. For example, a dedicated VOIP system on your premises may require multiple visits by an installation crew and training sessions to learn a complex system.

Virtual phone numbers can be set up and working in under five minutes from many web based companies. Less hassle, less maintenance and more uptime.

9) Bring your organisation together

The standard way of working has changed over the past few years, with working from home becoming the norm for many of us. Using a virtual phone system for your business means that no matter where your staff are working from, they can all use a common business phone number.

Personal extensions can also be utilised, meaning clients can get in touch with individual members of staff without needing their personal number. This gives your employees the work-life balance they deserve.

10) Never Miss a Call Again

With Virtual Landline, you can choose to have your calls diverted to your desk phone, mobile phone, PC or a tablet device as when required. You can set it up to hunt for you on the other lines and devices if you do not pick up on the first.

You can also have all devices ringing at the same time, ensuring you'll never miss the most important calls.

The Virtual Landline Solution

If you are a start-up company, a sole trader or an existing business, Virtual Landline can solve your telephone issues with a single low-cost number without having to pay expensive diversion charges.

What's more, we utilise the latest VOIP phone technology - so wherever there are Wi-Fi networks, your calls will be crystal clear, even when travelling abroad.

Contact our expert team today to get started!